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Are Essential oils natural and is there any risk of using them!?

The short answers are MAYBE and DEFINITELY!

But it depends on many factors.

So, are you already using essential oils, or are just curious?

The thing is that Essential Oils can be extremely risky if you don't use them as you should.

I guess you already know there are more ways of using essential oils.
1. you can defuse them in a diffuser (never 100% just oils, you add tap water and add just a drop or couple of them it all depends on how much odour you want in the room.

2. You can apply them on your skin (same goes here, you have to dilute them with a base oil) and first, you should do a patch test or SKIN test, if it's your first time (goes for every new oil you haven't applied to your skin before)

3. You can "drink" them, BUT THIS IS THE ULTRA HIGH-RISK part!!!!

Not all essential oils are ok for this.
For example, if you take oregano essential oil that is great if you have a fever, you should NEVER and I really mean it NEVER put it in your drink.

What would happen if I would put some drops of oregano essential oil into a drink and drink it? I don't know, and actually, don't wanna know, what I presume is your digestive tract would get burned, you could throw up or even die?!

Now that we got that covered, let's move forward.

Now, this is just an example of 1 oil and what not to do, but here are hundreds of different essential oils and a lot of different brands that make essential oils and yes you quest it, not all are the same.

Now imagine, you buy an essential oil, and you come home, get your diffuser, add water and a couple of drops of the oil you just bought. Turn on the diffuser and relax... Now after 15 to 20 minutes, your skin starts to each or maybe you can feel some strange pressure in your lungs.

WHY is that?

Arent essential oils natural and healthy?
Yes and no :D

It's like with every "natural" thing, you maybe have natural healthy essential oils, or you don't!?

So the first thing we need to know is, do we have really quality essential oils?

The second thing is we need to understand what are they for and its proper usage.

I know I know, now you probably wanna ask me, which brand or company that makes essential oils are the best?

Ok, first we have to define what BEST ESSENTIAL means to you?
1. Best value for money?
2. Best quality?
3. Best price (lowest price)?
4. Best purity?

And becouse i cannot read your mind, im gonna tel you what i think.

In my mind, BEST essential oils are best possible quality, purity and good price.

Me personally and my family of course use doTERRA essential oils.

Now you may ask WHY?

In my mind doTERRA essential oils are:
1. Most pure, meaning no synthetic or any other stuff is added - they actually are 100% essential oils*
2. And I think they have the best price/value ratio of all

Now let me elaborate on my POV (Point Of View) or why do i think this way:
1. Most pure
The thing is there are a lot of essential oils you buy in a store that on the front says 100% natural XXX essential oils, but when you turn the bottle around and read the small text on the back of the bottle you may be surprised how much % of essential oil is ACTUALLY in that bottle. Don't believe me? Check next time you go to your local store!

And the check if any other substances are added, and yes you are right, a lot (most) of essential oils you can buy in a store are diluted or maybe even synthetic !?

2. Best price/value
In my mind doTERRAs oils are really best price/value, because not only that you get 100% pure and quality essential oils, BUT, you also contribute to the society. If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain.

doTERRA has its own CPTG certificate, meaning they have a standard for the quality of their essential oils.
They have co-impact sourcing meaning, the people that pick up plants and do the destination, get paid. 
Healing Hands Foundation meaning there are NO young children enslaved doing this job.

If you want to read more about this topics, you can find it on this website under the doTERRA section.

Now if you have any questions, or want to know more about essential oils and their usage, you can become part of our community.

God bless you, and have a beautiful day!