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BALANCE, my TOP 3 essential oil

We are at an advent time, before the holidays and many people have personal troubles during this time for these and other reasons. Today, I will write about a mixture (blend) of Balance essential oil, with which we can greatly help us on these days. It belongs to my TOP 3 oils because in stressful situations It grounds me and calms me down, so I can think properly and be relaxed.

It is a mixture of essential oils of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Some details of these oils:

SPRUCE: Balancing our ability to give and receive. The herbal scent helps to extend the bronchi to deepen breathing and relieve tension or emotional blockages that can reside in the throat, jaw, and chest.

HO WOOD: slowly takes over the place of rosewood, as it is becoming threatened and, therefore, good companies decide not to use this essential oil. At Ho wood, the chemical composition is very similar to that of rosé wood, it is a strong sedative that has calming effects on the nervous system and emotions.

FRANKINCENSE: This oil has been used for centuries for physical and emotional healing. It contains sesquiterpenes, which act on the epiphysis and pituitary gland, and these glands promote the better health of our brains.
It strengthens the skin and nails and stimulates cell regeneration, thereby convincing ageing. It also balances mood and strengthens the human spiritual connection and sense of understanding. I already wrote more about this oil in the group.

BLUE TANSY: This oil helps us to detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, which is closely related to the anger and depression. However, the connection with the mind allows for more self-control and well-being.

BLUE CHAMOMILE: calming and sedative oil, its extremely good characteristic is to relieve pain and relieve stress.



- It stimulates the feeling of relaxing the entire body,
- for grounding, 1 drop into the palm, sweep your palms and breathe deeply,
- encourages feelings of peace and balance,
- Start your day by applying a mixture of Balance essential oil on your feet, as this will reduce stress throughout the day. You can also do this to children before taking them to a nursery or going to school.
- use it before going to bed, for a calm sleep. Before going to bed, think about nice things to make your sleep even more productive,
- use it during meditation or yoga,
- add it to Epsom salt for a relaxing bath,
- perfectly works with AromaTouch® hand techniques,
- use to Balance on the pulse points of your wrist or neck, as this will reduce your concerns,
- when you know that there is a long and intense ride before you, use it at pulse points or in a car diffuser so that you can calm down first,
- lubricate the baby or yourself on the area between the eyebrows (3rd place of the eye) when it has a fever or is sick,
- use it before a stressful meeting with your superior or demanding client, as it will suit you nicely and calmls you down.

How many uses, right?  :D

Well, I'm sure I missed some other ideas. When using essential oils, two rules should apply:

Rule 1: Less is More!
Rule 2: Essential oils can be used in as many ways as we have a imagination;)

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Have a Great day,


Essential oils are not medicines, and as a user, I can only advise on the basis of their experience and the experience of others who have helped with any problems with essential oils. I do not put a diagnosis or prescribe medication. I am not responsible for the possible consequences of improper use.