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All about loyalty program (LRP)

First things first, LRP is not mandatory if you join our team. If you want, you can place the LRP order, but if you dont want, no problem. BUT.... you can get to up to 30% additional discount....just read and you will see what i mean ;)

About LRP

LRP order is an order that we place when we join the Loyalty Program (Loyalty Program).

When you join the Loyalty Program, you must place an order every month (until the cancellation) between the 1st and the 28th of the month. You can modify (add/remove) the products you have in the basket up to 24 hours before the date that you have set up for automatic order processing.


Why join the Loyalty Program?

Because you collect points and you can pay with them the products you want (here are not applicable diffusers, whales, wooden boxes, special offers).


What points are counted and how many are repaid?

The points of your order are taken into account. We assume you have awarded a 100 points contract; in the first three months you will receive 10 points reimbursed, the other three months 15 points, the next three months 20 points, the fourth three months 25 points and from the 13th month onwards 30 points.


Below is a scale in shares

1st - 3rd month 10% points
4th - 6th month 15% points
7th - 9th month 20% points
10th - 12th month 25% points
13. + month 30% points


When do I get the points returned?

You get the points you get reimbursed from the 15th to the 20th of the month for the previous month (eg from 15th to 20th 20th place you get back points for the month of September).

When can I use points?

You use points when you issue an LRP order, in the column "USE POINTS", you mark which oil/product I would like to pay with points, this option is displayed only for those oils/products for which you have enough points in your online office.


How much does it cost to use points?

Always, when you use points, you pay 2.00 € of administrative costs.


Now you see LRP is actually a great reward program. You can join our team and we are gonna let you know more if you have any additional questions.