We Love EO

Why become a member of doTERRA and We Love EO - Team ?

Why become a member of doTERRA and our team (We Love EO)?

- DoTERRA offers the best quality essential oils certified with the CPTG certificate, tested immediately after distillation, after transport and immediately after bottling. This gives us real true quality because with average we are not (m) satisfied,

- As a member of doTERRA essential oils and other products, you buy from 25 to 55% cheaper of retail price,

- take part in a loyalty program and receive points (from 10 to 30% of your order) with which you can pay for products,

- you receive the product of the month for free,

- get your own online store,

- get your own online office,

- become a member of the most powerful company in the world of essential oils,

- get guidance and mentoring on the use of essential oils and doTERRA products,

- take part in the training that we prepare for you, as this is of utmost importance for the correct and safe use of essential oils,

- you get access to the English website, to a hidden group on Facebook, where we exchange experiences every day,

- All this and more will bring your membership.

We invite you to our Team, where we are excited to educate, grow and just be happy :)


We Love EO team


FootNote: EO stands for Essential Oils :P

And yeah.... The fact is we really are: Essential Oils lovers :P