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Why we dilute Essential Oils?

I got my first bottle of essential oils, what about now?
Before starting to use oils on the skin, we need to make a PRE-SENSITIVE = Patch Test.

doTERRA essential oils are highly concentrated substances, which, by their chemical composition, are divided into several types of essential oils:


which in certain cases can be applied to the skin of irregular (lava on insect spots, tea tree on the wound ...)


which leave a feeling of cooling on the skin (peppermint, breathe ...)


that leave a feeling of fever on the skin (oregano, cinnamon, cloves ...)


As I mentioned above, gentle essential oils can in certain cases be applied to the skin undiluted, while cold and hot essential oils should never be applied to the skin undiluted, not in children, or even adults.

What concentration or percentage of essential oil is used depends on the age of the child, the situation for which the essential oil will be used and generally the health condition of the person who will apply the essential oil to the skin.


However, the rule applies, less is more!

You should repeat application to the skin, as if the concentration is too much diluted, better this way then burn your skin.


For infants up to 6 months, we can use a maximum of six oils, including lavender, fennel, melaleuca, frankincense,  roman chamomile and conditionally DigestZen/ZenGest. 

In a spoon of base oil, that is, between 7-10 ml of base oil, a drop of essential oil is poured and thus laminated on the soles. Avoid areas around the eyes, never pour essential oils into the ear or apply them to the mucous membrane. If you do not see an improvement, you can add another drop of essential oil and increase the amount of coating.


Why is dilution or application of base oil to the skin important?

- Reduce the concentration of essential oil,

- increase the effect of the essential oil effect, as this reduces the rate of vaporization of essential oils, thus utilizing all therapeutic agents in essential oil,

- the therapeutic agents that are present in essential oils are easier penetrating the epidermis, deeper parts of our skin, and consequently into the bloodstream and into each cell separately,

- In addition, research has shown that after 20 minutes, when the essential oil is diluted with base oil on the skin, therapeutic agents are found on the surface, while if applied undiluted, they have not been found.


So the conclusion is that essential oils are always diluted, and consequently also because, by diluting it, we get a lot more than if we apply pure.

Never use dilute essential oils with water, because they are hydrophobic and water is "scared", so they float on the water.

Let the detection of essential oils begin safe and prudent. Let me say, however, that essential oils are no worries and they are a wonderful support for our lives. The only thing you need to be aware of is that each body is unique, so it is possible for me to use a certain essential oil to work differently for your child.



PRE-SENSITIVE TEST or PATCH TEST - base oil on the inside of the wrist, over a drop of essential oil, and wait for half an hour to one hour if a reaction occurs. If the reaction does not occur, essential oils can be applied to the skin, and if any reaction occurs, however, the essential oil must be deposited and further base oil applied to reduce the concentration.

BASE OIL - can be any cold pressed and unrefined vegetable oil (coconut, almond, olive, jojoba, which is the one that you have at home and use it the most)


Be safe!