We Love EO


Cheer Essential Oil, one of my favourite essential oils in general, and one of the oils from the set for help and support in certain emotional states, such as sadness, anxiety, loss of joy and love for yourself and others.

BALANCE, my TOP 3 essential oil

We are at an advent time, before the holidays and many people have personal troubles during this time for these and other reasons. Today, I will write about a mixture (blend) of Balance essential oil, with which we can greatly help us on these days. It belongs to my TOP 3 oils because in stressful situations It grounds me and calms me down, so I can think properly and be relaxed.

CITRUS BLISS, how and for what use do I use it?

Have you received a mixture of Citrus Bliss essential oils in October, and do not know how and when to use it? Are you just getting to know essential oils and you have not heard about this mixture yet? Read on;)

Are Essential oils natural and is there any risk of using them!?

The short answers are MAYBE and DEFINITELY!

Essential oils for migraine headaches

Are you having a headache may be a migraine?

If YES!?

I know how you feel because I got lots of headaches in the past but lately not any more.

You may ask your self what and how did I do to prevent headaches?

Because it is a BIG difference in preventing headaches or migraines and deal with them once they already are here... I like to research WHY something is happening and go find prevention ...